About Us

JS Pountain is a company that is a dedicated and focuses on professional design and construction of essential water features, for example fountains and drinking fountains. We also deal with high-quality refurbishment and restoration of fountains.

We are a company that offers services to all types of clients, including residential and commercial premises, and we have been in the construction business for some years, and that is why with our wide range of experience, we are sure, not to disappoint you. We are a professional firm that is highly committed to each client in providing them with professional services to cater for their demands. We have a team of well-trained and experienced engineers who will offer the ideal type of support. The best specialists will oversee each aspect of the fountain development project.

We are a well-established fountain company that has extensive experiences, and we have a large network of manufacturers, enabling us to offer you with the best and latest development products in the market.  Whatever kind of fountain design you may be looking for, our company will be sure to pay attention to your every need. With the wide range of skills and products together with a vision, our company will help you achieve the water fountain of your choice in your backyard or for your commercial property. Due to our strength, quality and the design of our products, JS Pountain is proud to have some achievements. Our designs are unique and out of this world so be sure to get the very best when you decide to work with us.

Our services

Being a vast company that specializes in the quality water fountain and another type of fountains, we are the best option for you. These services include in drinking fountains, fountains and, we offer refurbishment and restoration. With our trained and very skilled staff, our customers are assured of getting the very best of our services. Visit our company and get to see how good we are at our job. Though each of the services differs in prices, our prices are very affordable and are for sure able to fit into any personal budget. This is done so that we can reach out to some clients and enable those who want to hire our company and have a tight budget to do so without any problem.

We offer a range of wide services when it comes to the design and construction project. After we have created your dream fountain, you will also get to benefit from our deal maintenance services. Once you make an inquiry, you will get an estimate quote on the project that you want to be completed. So, if in need of a fountain, whether for home or commercial purposes, there is no need to worry. At JS Pountain, we have your back. We have designed numerous types of fountains over the past years. Once you come to our firm, we will provide you with samples and designs of previous successful projects to guide you in creating your masterpiece.